Teen Mom 2 Predicament: Can Jenelle Sort Out Her Legal Issues?

The mother of two is trying to regain custody of her firstborn, but a pending charge might derail her plans.

When Teen Mom 2 last left off (Part 2 of the reunion special which aired last October), Jenelle and Nathan were working to repair their fragile relationship. Since then, Kaiser's parents were unable to move past their differences -- and the long-running series picked up tonight with the young mother trying to reach a suitable resolution regarding a visitation schedule for Kaiser, regaining custody of her firstborn Jace from her mother Barbara, and, arguably the most serious issue of all, dealing with an assault charge pegged to an alleged altercation with Nathan's girlfriend Jessi. But can Jenelle get through these multiple roadblocks and reach some resolution?

During tonight's premiere episode, the third example mentioned above loomed large: During the non-televised incident, Nathan brought his new partner to his former fiancée's home and the situation escalated when Jenelle spotted Jessi at her residence.

"She opened the truck to try to come at me, so I went to take water to spray it in her face and the cup hit her head," the 24-year-old recounted to her friend Jamie. "So I threw water at her, and the thing slipped out of my hand."

Unsurprisingly, Jessi had a different version of the events.

"Out of nowhere, I just got smashed in my head and covered in ice water," Jessi told Nathan during a separate conversation. "It caught me really off guard," while Nathan added that she had a "huge gash in her head" and the resulting injury caused swelling.

This possible future legal showdown featuring Jenelle versus Nathan and Jessi (a court date was set for two months later) weighed heavily on the Wilmington resident, and she openly worried about her professional future. Specifically, the recent medical assisting graduate feared that she would not be able to get hired for a position in her field.

However, a question from Barbara about the aforementioned charge -- during a Jace pickup -- only amplified Jenelle's emotional state.

"Three things that I don't want to talk about...Nathan and custody, you and custody and then my pending charge," an exasperated Jenelle exclaimed.

Unfortunately for Jenelle, the three examples she recited above are her reality -- and the uncertainty that these situations bring is going to be a challenge to overcome. But can Jenelle work through them and gain some legal or personal closure? Share your thoughts in the comments, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 10/9c.