Teen Wolf Hero: 7 Times Mason Saved Everyone's Asses

He pulled a Stiles on more than one occasion.

Why is that the undercover hero often gets the shaft?

It happened with Stiles back in Teen Wolf Season 3 — he was possessed by the Nogitsune for what seemed like an entire season. And now Mason (what little is left of him) has been La Bête-ified, with the outcome looking a bit murky.

One thing's for sure — Scott & Co. will fight with all they've got in order to save Mason, because he's saved their werewolf butts on more than one occasion. Here are the top seven:

  1. Being Liam's voice of reason

    Liam has always had anger issues, even before becoming a supernatural. (Cue that rough Layden incident in the sixth grade.) In true bestie form, Mason was often on hand to talk some sense into the hotheaded beta.

  2. Saving Scott from that sonic weapon

    Back in the Teen Wolf deadpool days, it was Mason who saved a seemingly drunk Liam and Scott from a supersonic sound weapon at a BHHS bonfire bash by geniously shutting down the electricity. This move allowed the Alpha to save his friends for the 147th time.

  3. Going to bat with a berserker

    The brave BHHS sophomore paired up with our favorite banshee, going to bat (literally) with a deadly berserker. While it was Sheriff Stilinski who ultimately saved that day by blowing the enemy to bits, it was Mason's ordinary courage (lack of supernatural powers, weaponry and all) that impressed us the most.

  4. Telling Kira what's up

    While Kira was having trouble reading Dr. Valack's book on the Dread Doctors, Mason educated her on the ways of the kitsune. Apparenty, fox spirits have issues deciphering language. (Mason's supernatural obsession has come in handy more than once, that's for sure.)

  5. Trying to help save Hayden's life

    Somebody give this guy a major medal of honor already. Mason worked with Melissa McCall to help save Hayden's life, and when the chimera ultimately died (temporarily, mind you), he was there in an instant to comfort his best friend.

  6. Aiding in Lydia's rescue

    The BHHS sophomore was at the center of Plan B when it came to Lydia's rescue from Eichen House. He nearly risked his life in the process by deciding to ram a wall surrounding the power generators with his car, but luckily, Hayden put that dumb idea to a halt. (Can't win 'em all Mason, but we appreciate the effort!)

  7. Helping uncover The Beast's identity

    Mason essentially turned himself in when he came up with the idea that the Dread Doctors use radio frequency to encourage The Beast's transformation. Without even knowing it, he basically dug his own grave — and now it's up to Scott & Co. to save him.

Find out Mason's fate (fingers crossed!) during the Teen Wolf Season 5 finale this Tuesday at 9/8c.