'Teen Wolf' Twosome: We're Retracing Layden's Road To Romance

Take a look back at Liam and Hayden's on-again, off-again relationship (and all those kissing scenes).

Liam and Hayden stole our hearts earlier this season on "Teen Wolf," way back before they were even an item. In fact, we haven't seen a fan favorite pairing this big since Stydia! (Okay, nothing can quite compare to Stydia, but Layden comes close.)

Much like Stydia's rollercoaster of lurve, Layden's relationship has had its fair share of ups and downs, culminating in their best kiss ever in this week's ep. Need a Layden refresher? No? Well, it's still a great excuse to peruse a few shots of these two in all their adorableness:

  • That upsetting situation in the sixth grade

    Hayden has held a grudge against Liam for years — ever since she stepped into a fight between him and another boy in the sixth grade. The beta accidentally punched her in the face, resulting in a not-so-cute set of black eyes on Yearbook Picture Day. Little Hayden did hit Liam right back, but she clearly wasn't finished with her retribution...

  • Hayden plots her revenge

    Many moons later, the duo crossed paths in history class, and Hayden promptly planted a gooey wad of gum in her enemy's chair. When asked if she's "still pissed about the sixth grade," Hay retorted like WHOA: "I'm not pissed, Liam. I'm vengeful."

  • Undercover flirting ensues

    Liam and his childhood nemesis soon took their aggression out on the field — shooting goals during lacrosse and soccer practice (respectively) in a top-secret, seemingly flirtatious competition. When Hayden later caught Liam in an act of kindness with Scott, she smiled. And when Liam overheard Hayden's sister commenting on how he "got cute," he smiled. At this point, we were all smiling, because it was obvi it was only a matter of time...

  • Liam discovers that Hayden is supernatural

    When Liam spotted Hayden at the club where she works, he attempted to pay her back for the drinks he spilled earlier. (Oh, we didn't address that? Yeah, Liam spilled some drinks that had cost Hayden some major Bennys. Just keep digging that hole, L-dog.) During this little rendezvous, Liam discovered that Hay's eyes are reflective — a telltale sign homegirl is a supernatural chimera of sorts. When Liam divulged this information, showing his wolf face in a bout of sincerity, Hayden punched him (again).

  • Liam tries to protect Hayden

    Liam later rescued Hayden from the Dread Doctors, hiding her at Scott's house while they planned an attack — but when Scott used Hayden as bait, Liam retaliated in anger. (We don't blame him!) Shortly thereafter, the evil MDs captured Layden, but hey, at least they were together?!

  • Their first kiss

    After escaping the Dreads, Liam learned that Hayden was an experimental failure. He pulled a Lydia and kissed her to take the pain away. YASSS!!! Finally.

  • More kissing

    Full disclosure: We just wanted to show another GIF of Layden kissing.

  • Hayden dies, Liam loses it

    When Hayden died, Liam blamed Scott for refusing to give her the bite. The beta went ape s**t and came thisclose to killing our beloved Scott.

  • Hayden is resurrected, thanks to Theo

    Liam was elated to find that Hayden was alive after all, but Hay wasn't so thrilled to learn that her boo left her for dead. (She was dead at the time, but whatev.) She proceeded to give Liam the cold shoulder, while he pined away for her.

  • Hayden and Liam kiss and make up

    The on-again, off-again pair finally DTR (again), with Hayden's unforgettable line: "Ever since coming back, nothing feels the same. Nothing feels right. Except for you." *collective awwwww*

  • Jealousy arises, but all is forgiven (for now)

    Liam nearly wolfs out when he sees Theo canoodling with his gal, but all is forgiven when Layden realize their love withstands all of the supernatural B.S. surrounding them. *cue kiss no. 1,245*

+ What do you love most about Liam and Hayden, and what could be in store for these two? Comment with your sweet somethings about Layden, and catch a new episode of "Teen Wolf" Tuesday at 9/8c!