Who Let The Dogs Out? We Did! Behold, MTV’s 13 Cutest Canines

It’s a cold, miserable day here in NYC, so we thought we’d help you warm up the best way we know how: with some gratuitously cute puppy pics! So grab a fleece blanket and take a few minutes to snuggle up with the finest furballs ever to grace our (M)TV screens.

Pooches: Meaty and Beefy
Breed: English Bulldogs
MTV Credits: “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” “Rob and Big” (Meaty)
Human BFFs: Everyone in the factory but Drama
Most Memorable Moment: Too many to list! Here’s a video montage of their squee-worthy scenes.

Pooch: Daisy
Breed: Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix (we think)
MTV Credit: “Real World: Portland” (she even has her own official cast bio!)
Human BFFs: Fellow casties Averey and Johnny
Most Memorable Moment: When she dropped the deuce that broke Nia’s back started one s**t show of a finale brawl.

Pooch: Chloe
Breed: Lab Mix
MTV Credit: “The Hills
Human BFF: Lauren Conrad (jealous, much??)
Most Memorable Moment: The day she marched her adorable puppy self into Casa de Conrad. (And watching her play with her new puppy brother, Fitz!)

Pooch: Lola
Breed: Part English bulldog, part princess
MTV Credit: “The Osbournes
Human BFFs: Sharon, Kelly and Jack
Most Memorable Moment: Puking all over the house, driving Ozzy bananas.*

* Sadly, after a long, happy life with the Osbournes, Lola passed away last spring at the age of 12.

Pooch: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
Breed: Yugoslavian Mountain Hound (although, technically, he is a puppet)
TV Credits: “I Keed” music video, 2002 VMAs, various comedy specials/appearances on the “Late Night Show” with Conan O’Brien
Human BFF: Robert Smigel’s left hand
Most Memorable Moment: His longstanding rivalry with rapper Eminem

Pooch: Ginger
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
TV Credits: “One Sweet Day” music video, the BEST EVER episode of MTV “Cribs
Human BFF: Mariah Carey, duh!
Most Memorable Moment: Coming out of Mimi’s dryer on that infamous “Cribs” episode. (We forget, was that before or AFTER Mariah worked out in stilettos/took a fully clothed dip in her hot tub…?)

Pooch: Presley
Breed: Dachshund/Maltese mix
MTV Credit: “Buckwild
Human BFF: Cara Parrish
Most Memorable Moment:  His widdle puppy face, immortalized forever by this hardcore fan.

Pooch: Daisy
Breed: Maltipoo
MTV Credit: “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica
Human BFF: Jessica Simpson
Most Memorable Moment: Consuming countless pounds of chicken filets. (Ed: not to be confused with Chicken of the Sea).

Pooch: Fuffi
Breed: Toy poodle
MTV Credits: “Run’s House,” “Daddy’s Girls
Human BFFs: Angela Simmons, with Vanessa Simmons as runner-up
Most Memorable Moment: Whenever she color-coordinates her outfit to match her owner’s.

Pooches: Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin and Daniel Sharmin
Breed: 50 percent dude, 50 percent werewolf
MTV Credit: “Teen Wolf
Human BFFs: There aren’t many humans left in Beacon Hills, sadly.
Most Memorable Moment: Any time they remove their shirts

+ Did we leave anyone out? Tell us which MTV pup gets your vote for Top Dog!

Photos: MTV/Mike Piscitelli, LaurenConrad.com, MTV/Michael Becker, Cara Parrish’s Instagram

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