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Angela, Vanessa and Jessica take a serious look at the Pastry business and Run spends some quality time with Vanessa's boyfriend.

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Take a look at new photos of the 'Daddy's Girls' cast.

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  1. The girls all receive exciting life opportunities that may take them away from each...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Angela and Vanessa land a huge interview to promote Pastry but are shocked to find...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Angela decides she wants to be a DJ but won't admit that she's bitten off more than she...  Read Full Summary »



  1. Flip through photos of Angela, Vanessa and their LA friends.

  2. Learn more about the Simmons sisters and co., who are ready to take their careers to the next level.

  3. Take a trip down memory lane to see how Angela and Vanessa grew up in Run's House.

About Daddy's Girls

  1. Best known as the daughters of Run-DMC's Rev. Run, Vanessa and Angela Simmons have literally grown up on MTV. Across six seasons of Run's House and in the first season of Daddy's Girls, we've watched them begin to make their own place in the world, but always under the watchful eye of their father. After all, they are Daddy's Girls.

    In the second season of Daddy's Girls, Angela and Vanessa have moved beyond getting their feet wet in Los Angeles and have a newfound confidence. These girls are determined to leave their dynamic stamp on L.A. with their old school values and their new school swagger.

    Last season, Daddy's Girls followed Vanessa and Angela as they officially left the comforts of the family home in New Jersey to run their own business and live full-time in Los Angeles. In this season, Vanessa and Angela's lives are blowing up in awesome new directions. The accomplished entrepreneurs of their shoe and apparel company, Pastry, find themselves taking their business to new levels.

    As they move up the professional ladder, Angela and Vanessa are also kicking their living quarters up a notch, as they move into swanky new digs in the Hollywood Hills. After sleeping on the girls' couch for months, their funky cousin Jessica finally gets her own room, but has to share it with Danielle -- Angela's childhood friend who moved out from New York. With Danielle's sassy, outspoken demeanor, don't be surprised to find some tension growing in the new household.

    Meanwhile, Vanessa and Angela are continue to strive to make Pastry a success that's worthy of the Simmons family name. But they still manage to have fun and meet new friends along the way. Rounding out the Daddy's Girls ensemble are good friends Lynn and Brian. Lynn is a beautiful, bubbly model and aspiring actress who is more than just a little boy-crazy. Brian is a smooth, charming, music A&R rep --- a dead ringer for Johnny Depp who's well-connected in the L.A. scene. From dating problems to friendship squabbles, Brian and Lynn never experience a dull moment when hanging with the Simmons sisters.

    The second season of the show finds Angela and Vanessa facing all sorts of challenges and adventures, both personal and professional. Whenever the girls find themselves in over their heads, they know that they have a great support system to lean on. In addition to their friends, their famous dad, Rev. Run, is always just a phone call away. But even as Angela and Vanessa grow, they'll always be Daddy's Girls.