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Saying Goodbye

In the series finale of Rob and Big, Rob helps Big prepare for fatherhood.

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  1. When Rob catches Big reading a Father-To-Be book, Big explains that he is a...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Rob is having a pleasant day, romping around the backyard with Meaty and Mini Horse ......  Read Full Summary »


  3. While Rob and Big are eating at El Coyote restaurant, Drama drops the bomb that he's...  Read Full Summary »



  1. Need a Manpon? Wanna murder-out your SUV? Rob and Big have got you covered.

  2. Check out our Season 3 cast photos to grab a glimpse at the guys in action.

  3. Rob's left the Hollywood Hills for his very own Fantasy Factory, a warehouse/playground where the skateboarding legend mixes business with pleasure!

About Rob and Big (Season 3)

  1. The boys are back for Rob and Big (Season 3) and once again, the world is a candy store for our heroes as they take to the streets with greater abandon than ever.

    The season starts when Rob and Big become crime-solvers and set out to determine who left a mystery "gift" in the pool. Drama, Rob's cousin/assistant, becomes the prime suspect so Rob hires a polygraph expert to test his innocence or guilt. Another escapade unfurls when the guys decide to take a road trip up the California coast to enter Mini in a mini-horse show.

    In a mind-blowing "Guinness Book of World Records" chase, Rob and Big seek to officially rock the world with their record-smashing abilities. Rob makes an attempt to break more skateboarding world records than the Guinness judge has ever seen in one day, and Big goes after a few records of his own. The season wouldn't be complete without Rob and Big's beloved bulldog, Meaty. The guys spoil their mutt by throwing him a birthday party with paparazzi, a dog-friendly cake, puppy ice sculptures, and a red carpet.

    These are just a few of the absurd exploits in the wildest season yet of Rob and Big. It's time to "Do Work!"