10 Ass-Kicking Things You Need To Know About Carrie Brownstein

Brownstein is a badass.

Carrie Brownstein is a woman worth knowing. Not only is she one of the hilarious minds behind "Portlandia," but she's also the incredible guitarist and songwriter for Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag, a talented actress in "Transparent" and a killer writer. Brownstein has written about music for The Believer magazine and NPR Music. She has a book about "American Idol" in the works and her memoir, "Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl," comes out Tuesday, Oct. 27.

Beyond all of her career accolades, however, Carrie Brownstein is just a badass woman. A badass, talented, hardworking woman worthy of being known. Here are 10 reasons that Carrie kicks ass.

  1. Carrie Brownstein plays guitar.

    And writes songs. And sings. In what's been described as the "best rock band to come along in the past two decades." Carrie and Corin Tucker started Sleater-Kinney in 1994, and recruited drummer Janet Weiss in '96. The recorded eight albums between '94 and present.

  2. Carrie Brownstein is open.

    In an excerpt from her new memoir, "Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl," published by The Guardian, Carrie shares a deeply personal story about her reaction to her mother's struggle with an eating disorder.

  3. Carrie Brownstein was publicly outed.

    By SPIN magazine in the '90s. An article published in the mag mentioned Carrie's relationship with her bandmate Corin Tucker. Her father, who came out as a gay man when Carrie was in her twenties, read the article not knowing she was bisexual.

  4. Carrie Brownstein has been open about her struggles with depression.

    “There was so much I wanted to destroy,” she wrote in her memoir. In an interview with The Guardian, Corin Tucker said that she and Janet Weiss began to feel like Carrie's nurses before the band went on hiatus.

  5. Carrie Brownstein is hilarious.

    Of course she is! She's one-half of the creative masterminds behind the satirical sketch comedy show "Portlandia." Carrie and SNL alum Fred Armisen (also hilarious) started the show on IFC in 2011 and won a Peabody Award the same year.

  6. Carrie Brownstein has a great relationship with Fred Armisen.

    Armisen told The Guardian, "We really like to work – we’re soulmates – but that’s where we’re twins. We don’t have to deal with anything else in our lives. All we have to deal with is work.”

  7. Carrie Brownstein has a squad to rival all squads.

    Carrie was recently pictured with Kim Gordon of the band Sonic Youth; everyone's favorite, Amy Poehler; and singer Aimee Mann. But don't call them a squad. "We’re a f--king coven," she captioned the pic.

  8. Carrie Brownstein is a badass feminist.

    Sleater-Kinney was one of the pioneering bands of women in rock. “We told stories from a female perspective in a way that was unapologetic and unafraid of its own voice,” Carrie told The Guardian. “There is a forcefulness to that, that I think posits it within the context of feminism.”

  9. Carrie Brownstein and Sleater-Kinney are so cool, they made a "Bob's Burgers" music video.

    Yes, they did. And it rocked. Carrie's also been a voice on "The Simpsons", which only further solidifies her cartoon badassery.

  10. Carrie Brownstein has a great taste in music.

    Because of course she does. She a musician. She's a music writer. She's been getting down to “Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile and Tame Impala” lately. How about T-Swift and Beyoncé? “Well, I think both seem like generous performers and artists who use their platform to empower women and people in general. They seem very fearless,” she said.

So, get to know the incredible Carrie Brownstein. Watch her show, read her stuff, listen to her music. You'll be smarter, funnier, kinder, stronger and happier for it.