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Lena Dunham And Jack Antonoff Are SO 'Portlandia' At The Emmys Right Now

If only she'd put a bird on it.

There's more than one "Portlandia" couple walking the red carpet, and the get-ups selected by "Girls" writer/creator Lena Dunham and her boyfriend, Fun./Bleachers musician Jack Antonoff are proof of it.

Because, I mean, just look at these two.

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Dunham had recently tweeted that her dress "looks like cake and feels like sweatpants." Of course, if she's a true Portlandian, it's likely a local, artisan cupcake that's also vegan, gluten-free, and small-batch. We so wish she'd put a bird on it.

Antonoff's glasses call to mind the actual star of "Portlandia," Fred Armisen. And Entertainment Weekly's Marc Snetiker really nailed it with this one:

Honestly, the only way this could be a more pitch-perfect photo was if Rick Moranis hopped into frame and caused our minds to spontaneously combust. Or get shrunk by our dad's laser ray.