'The Simpsons' May Be About To Lose One Of Its Most Iconic Voices

Harry Shearer says he's leaving Springfield behind.

Some bummer news is coming out of Springfield this morning, as Harry Shearer has announced that he's leaving "The Simpsons," due to a contract dispute.

If you don't know Shearer by name, you absolutely know him by voice. He's brought some of the best and most underrated "Simpsons" characters to life over the years, including…

  1. Mr. Burns
  2. Smithers
  3. Ned Flanders
  4. Principal Skinner
  5. Reverend Lovejoy
  6. Doctor Hibbert
  7. News Anchor Kent Brockman
  8. Bus Driver Otto
  9. Kang

    of Kodos and Kang!

  10. Lenny

    of Lenny and Carl!

  11. And Rainier Wolfcastle

    of McBain fame!

Until it's officially confirmed by the decision makers involved with "The Simpsons," we'll hold out hope that Shearer and the show work out a deal. Otherwise, it's the end of an era for some of the best (and the worst) that Springfield has to offer.