Tina Belcher From 'Bob's Burgers' Is A Feminist Hero: Here's Why

She touches the butts she wants to touch and puts her bra on one boob at a time.

Tina Belcher is a feminist hero.

At least, that’s what Laci Green says in the latest episode of “Braless.” She's the tiny, sweaty teen on “Bob’s Burgers," the beloved FOX animated series now in its sixth season, about a family that owns a burger shop.

Tina rejects old female tropes and stereotypes by knowing what she wants instead of playing mediator in a man’s game. She understands her sexuality -- which is a subject versus the typical sexual object -- setting personal boundaries and insisting on staying true to herself instead of changing herself for her many crushes.

Check out Laci's latest episode of "Braless," and see why she thinks Tina should be lauded for advancing gender equality -- and why the rest of the Belcher family's awesome at expressing their sexuality too!

  1. She’s really going through puberty.
  2. She knows what she wants. Horses, boys, vampire romance.
  3. She touches the butts she wants to touch.
  4. She writes erotic friend fiction.
  5. She won't change herself for any guy.
  6. Her sexuality defines her -- it doesn't mock her.