'Finding Carter' Crush: 5 Reasons We're Secretly Into Ben

Here's what's good about the show's new bad boy.

That hat though.

"Finding Carter"'s Ben has given us plenty of reasons to swoon a little since his mid-season debut -- hip headgear included -- but after tonight's episode, we're officially crushing on him. Hard.

Are we just another victim of the bad-boy syndrome? Not completely: Carter's newfound brother has balanced his shady dealings and questionable behavior with some bona fide moments of decency. All things considered, here are the top five reasons we're totally into Ben:

  1. He's, like, fearless.

    When Ben got into a cab after school on this week's "FC," Carter followed him -- all the way to a super-seedy part of town. There, he inexplicably gave a dude an envelope full of cash before opening a can of whoop-ass on him, then argued with a random lass. So what was Ben doing on the wrong side of the tracks? And who's that girl (Madonna throwback!)? We're not sure, and tbh, we think the mystery makes him hotter.

  2. He's awesomely adventurous.

    During dinner with the Wilsons, David's son revealed that he stowed away and became a roadie for the fictional Jim Tyson Band -- at 14. And to think -- at that age, we were just starting our paper route (and making our mom drive us when it rained).

  3. He doesn't steal from his dad.

    After supper, Grant saw his big bro slip David's watch into his pocket -- but when Carter confronted him about it, Ben adamantly denied the theft, shouted a big "Screw you," and stormed out. He had good reason: Turns out, the watch was safely on David's wrist. So did the almost-felon have a change of heart after lifting the bling? Probably. Or he just remembered the $7K he had stashed at home and figured he'd be balling with a Rolex instead.

  4. He refuses to talk to Lori.

    The two-time abductor showed up at Carter's job because she was concerned about Ben. "I think he may be in serious trouble," she said, before adding that her offspring is so closed off to her, "He won't talk to me." Our take on it: Anyone who refuses to communicate with that nutjob is actually on the right track.

  5. He refuses to live with Lori.

    When Ben found out that his mom went to Carter with her concerns about him, he had one response: "Bye, Felicia!" "He packed up his things and left," said the she-seems-fine-now-but-let's-not-forget-she's-completely-deranged kidnapper. Meanwhile, Ben's willingness to leave Lori proved one thing to us: Not only is he on the right track, but he's on the express train. All aboard!

What do you like best about Ben? Or are you just not that into him? Better yet, do you think he's a good guy or a bad guy? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to watch an all-new "Finding Carter" Tuesday at 10/9c!