'Finding Carter' Sneak Peek: Ben Reveals Details About His Super-Mysterious Past

We finally have a little background on Lori and David's son.

The mysteries behind "Finding Carter"'s Ben are slowly being solved, thanks to a little investigating by his inquisitive sister.

In the sneak peek below, the brand-new character is driving through town with Carter when she decides to finally get some 411.

"So where were you before all of this?" the Wilson twin asks, with "this" clearly referring to the day he suddenly appeared at Lori's trial, announced that he's the son of Ms. Stevens and David and became a part of, like, everyone's life.

"Crappy town in Delaware," he answers. Before that? "A crappy town in New Jersey."

Weeeell, okay then. Carter's next question: "Does foster care really suck as much as they say it does?"

"I don't really remember a lot because I was locked in the basement most of the time," Ben replies.

Umm, WHAT?!!

Fortunately, the teen then breaks into a smile to reveal that -- PHEW -- he was just joshing.

The siblings' conversation begins to ebb when they arrive at their destination, with Ben telling his sis to wait in the car while he "[hops] out for a few minutes." But before he does, he offers one other piece of disturbing interesting information: "It's not the foster parents you have to worry about -- it's the foster kids," he says. "They're the ones you gotta watch out for."

Anyone else just raise an eyebrow?

Watch the clip, below, then tell us: Does Ben seem just a little bit shady? Do you think Carter and her family need to "watch out" for HIM? And what in the world do you think Ben's going to do while Carter waits in the car? Then be sure to tune in for the return of "FC" on Tuesday, October 6 at 10/9c!