'Finding Carter' 411: Here's Everything You Need To Know About Ben Wallace

The actor behind Lori and David's lovechild is telling all.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ben Wallace.

The mysterious teen made an explosive entrance on the mid-season finale of "Finding Carter" in June: Taking the stand at Lori's long-awaited trial, he introduced himself to the packed courthouse as the son of Ms. Stevens and -- wait for it -- David.

In true cliffhanger fashion, the episode ended right after Ben's bombshell revelation, meaning we had no other inside intelligence on him. Until now, that is: To help prepare for "Finding Carter"'s return on October 6, actor Ben Winchell -- the young man behind Carter's newfound sibling -- is giving us an inside look into his character and offering five things you absolutely, positively need to know about Ben Wallace.

"Ben has had a little bit of a troubled past," the 21-year-old reveals in the clip above. "He's been in and out of foster homes his whole life."

That's not all: Winchell even delves into Ben's current state of affairs, suggesting that the teen's extra-curricular activities will bring plenty of drama to the new episodes of "FC."

"Ben makes money very creatively, and his shady deals may or may not backfire on him this season," he says. And, perhaps most tellingly, he adds, "You never really know what his true intentions are, so he's always going to keep you guessing."

What else does Winchell reveal about Ben? Watch the entire clip to find out, and get ready for the return of "Finding Carter" on Tuesday, October 6 at 10/9c!