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Rihanna Wears Her New Purchases Immediately, Just Like Everyone Else

You know when you go shopping, buy something, and feel the desperate need to wear whatever you bought immediately? Same. So does Rihanna, apparently.

Over the weekend, Rih and her new, long red hair hit up VFILES, where she posed for selfies and modeled a sequin bag from Di$count Univer$e. Based on photos following her VFILES visit, Rih seems to have also bought some swag, which she wore immediately. She is only human, after all.

Rihanna's Snapchat

On Snapchat—the #1 source for Rihanna news these days, y'all—Rih showed off a shirt and red beret, both of which are available at VFILES. Still not available, though, is her purple lipstick from Free Spirits Cosmetics, which she debuted at Coachella and has been fond of ever since. (This is what Rihanna wears bowling, BTW—in case you wanna take notes.)

Considering how quickly Rih wore these purchases, we're hopeful there's more to come. I mean, she posed with that sequin bag in a bunch of photos—she probably added it to her collection, right??