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Meet Di$count Univer$e: Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus And More Of Your Faves' Favorite New Brand

Get ready to start questioning everything in your closet because I'm about to put you on to your new favorite brand. Di$count Univer$e is a super loud, super irreverent brand based out of Australia (which is part of why you may not have heard of them until now) helmed by brilliant designers and generally rad ladies Cami James & Nadia Napreychikov. We've been following their work for a few years now, but they're (finally) making their New York Fashion Week debut thanks to downtown NYC's own fashion oracles: VFiles and their VFiles Made Fashion show.

VFiles invited us over to catch up with the up-and-coming design duo just 24 hours after they landed in NYC to talk about what they have in store for Wednesday night's show, and the collection is nothing short of amazing. And that's just hanging on the rack!

Watch our preview of Cami and Nadia's designs, and if hand-patchworked moto jackets and sequined jeans aren't enough to make you fall in love with DU, maybe this all-star roster of famous fans will. Save your coins, y'all—I guarantee you're gonna watch to buy everything.

Katy Perry

Miley Cyrus

Charli XCX

Meghan Trainor

St. Vincent

Basically Everyone