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The Top 10 Beauty Lessons We've Learned From Rihanna's Snapchat

So far, at least.

Ever since Rihanna joined Snapchat earlier this month, we've kept a close eye on each of her stories, not only to feel closer to our queen, but to pick up tips/life hacks/advice/inspiration from her. In the few weeks since she's joined, Rih has offered up a peak behind the curtain, especially when it comes to beauty 411.

Obviously, we're eagerly anticipating her next Snapchat lesson, but until then, we've collected the top 10 things we've learned from BadGalRiRi (well, actually her Snapchat handle is @rihanna, but I digress).

  1. Snapchat is the perfect place to reveal a new look

    Rih debuted her red hair on Snapchat—she may've hated it at first, but she's definitely making the best of it.

  2. You've really gotta arch your back to apply mascara effectively

    Look at that form! Also, under Rihanna's rules, when your entire outfit is orange, your mascara tube should be, too.

  3. Matching your hair to your outfit can totally work

    This is Rihanna's vacation style and, LBR, it's perfect. Hair, sunglasses, bag, and outfit all match and they all #WERKKKK.

  4. A snack run can be a glamorous occasion

    While I usually prefer sweatpants for my snack runs, Rihanna uses the opportunity to wear a floral jacket and matching red lipstick.

  5. Beauty inspiration is all around us

    On the aforementioned snack run, Rihanna encounters these hula dolls and says, "After I get my tan, that's me tomorrow—hair, skin, everything matching." If we just open our eyes, we, too, can find inspiration next to bags of Doritos—we just have to look.

  6. A good filter is essential to have in your arsenal

    Rihanna is not pleased with the filters Snapchat currently offers—she knows a good filter can totally transform an otherwise meh photo, even if that photo is one of Rihanna.

  7. Successfully applying makeup in the car takes practice

    And with that practice comes the title of "Car makeup pro." Also, your journey provides ample time to add to your look—you need an accurate estimation of arrival time for perfect application.

  8. Applying a bright lip gloss requires a lot of attention

    Even Rihanna needs a mirror and focus when applying her bright purple lip gloss—don't be afraid to take your time with yours, y'know?

  9. The front-facing camera on your phone is a perfect mirror

    Chances are you already knew this, but once Rihanna confirms she looks "cute" in it, you know it's the real deal. (Side note: Isn't it comforting to know BadGalRiRi gets tricked by her friends filming secret videos too? Stars: They're just like us!)

  10. Go bold or go home

    Perhaps the most important lesson we've taken away from Rihanna's Snapchat thus far is to do whatever the hell you want, beauty/fashion/life-wise. To go fishing in Hawaii, for example, Rihanna wore black lipstick. And, as expected, it looks awesome.

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