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OMG — Rihanna's Bright Red Hair Is Back


Last month, Rihanna revealed her new hair color on Snapchat and was quickly nicknamed "Ginger," thanks to the orangey-red hue of the new 'do. Last week, she debuted a new color—and cut!—that was closer to the red end of the spectrum. And then, last night, she revealed a MAJOR update—she RIHturned to the bright red hair she had in her "Loud" era. I know—cue the freaking out.

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In some shots, it looks like a darker, maroon-ish shade, but WAIT...

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In others, it's straight-up cherry red. Also, it's long. So, so long.

Do you think her friends have re-nicknamed her as "Cherry"? Hopefully Snapchat will reveal ~all~ soon. We'll be waiting.