Get An Exclusive Sneak Peak Of "Stitches," The Latest Ah-Mazing Video From Shawn Mendes (With GIFs!)


Shawn Mendes has been a busy dude. First, he made us want to "Never Be Alone." Then, he was the "Life of the Party." Now, the teen crooner is back with a brand new video we're dying to watch-- we just have to wait a weeee bit longer!

Bummer, right? But, as we all know, good things are usually worth the wait. And we have a feeling that "Stitches," the brand new track from the MTV Artist to Watch, is going to be good... real good, in fact.

Oooh, cryptic. Let's take a second and break this sneak preview down, gif-style:

Part 1: Dancing

Girl, get down with your bad self.

Part 2: Pillow Fight

Personal pillow fight for one, please.

But what does it all MEAN? Take the weekend to prepare yourself (light some candles, do some breathing exercises, etc) because "Stitches" arrives this Monday, March 16 at 12 AM, with its accompanying video following soon after. "Stiches" is the third installment of Shawn's Handwritten video series.

PS: Don't forget that Shawn's debut album, Handwritten, drops April 14.

Let the countdown begin!