Shawn Mendes Throws A Party With Some Famous Vine Friends In New Video

'Life Of The Party' is finally here!

Shawn Mendes fans, I'm happy to announce that the wait is finally over.

The MTV Artist To Watch has released his much-anticipated video for "Life Of The Party," which is featured on his upcoming debut album Handwritten. I think we can all agree that he certainly delivered.

Shawn isn't hitting up a raging party -- the vibe of the video actually matches the slow tempo of the track, and it does all in just one continuous shot.

"We took our time releasing a video for this song because we wanted it to be perfect," Shawn told MTV News. "The video took multiple shoots over multiple months to get everyone in the same place to execute, and was at one point entirely re-shot to get right."

The video, which is the second part of his Handwritten music video series, opens with a shot of the same girl who appeared in his last video, "Never Be Alone." This has me thinking he was on his way to find her after she wandered through a picturesque landscape, making her way to him.

While the two never meet up, Shawn does navigate his way throughout a dimly lit party, which features cameos by some of his famous Vine friends, Nash Grier, Aaron Carpenter and Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky.

And fans seem to love the video so much that they answered Shawn's challenge of tweeting #LOTPOfficialVideo over 1 million times, which bumped ahead the release date of Handwritten to April 14 (from April 28).

"So so excited to be able to move my album release date up to April 14th," Shawn told MTV. "And thanks to my amazing fans for making this happen! We also have some pretty cool surprises in the coming few weeks before the release."