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7 Apps To Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship From Being Short-Term

Distance makes the heart grow fonder? Not really, but these downloads can.

When you're on the other side of the country -- or the world -- from your significant other, the odds aren't stacked in your favor. With the holidays coming up, it's especially difficult to be apart from someone you care about.

The good news is that technology can definitely help, so check out these apps for proximity-challenged relationships and you just might make it to the next physical visit.

1. Avocado

Avocado allows you to share lists and send virtual hugs to one another by "hold[ing] the phone to your chest," but more importantly, it lets you know if your significant other's battery is about to die. No need to be paranoid about those unanswered texts anymore, and that kind of worrying is especially perilous to relationship when you're long-distance.

2. Wickr

Speaking of paranoia, Wickr is the perfect app for the couple who only want their messages to live in each other's memory banks. Unlike apps such as Snapchat, Wickr doesn't store your messages on any server, and allows the user to control how long they're readable. There's nothing like using a little spy trade craft to heighten the romance.

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3. TheIceBreak

With so much distance between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, your memory of them could get a little fuzzy the longer you're apart. TheIceBreak uses questions and quiz-like games to rank your knowledge of your partner. Not like you'd ever totally forget, right?

4. Couple


Couple collects all your sappy photos and messages in one place, and you can see what your significant other is up to with geolocation. As one Android customer review states, "This may not cater to all tastes but is still capable of satisfying a vast amount of couples who view the 'stalking' feature/s as immensely convenient."

At least the patented "ThumbKiss" (their phrase, not mine), created by touching the screens of your devices in the same spot, won't disgust everyone in the vicinity with your PDA.

5. We-Connect

ThumbKiss doesn't do it for you? We-Connect is a solution for many long-distance couples. The We-Vibe adult toy can be controlled remotely from your smartphone, so you can "[p]lay with your lover from anywhere in the world." Compared to just a few years ago, phone sex has a way more literal meaning.

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6. HeyTell


Nobody leaves voicemails anymore, but with HeyTell, you can swap quick audio clips walkie-talkie style. It's more fun than leaving a message after the beep, and hearing a voice is a more vivid reminder of someone than a doodle.

7. Love Notes


Relationships, like flowers, need attention to grow. Speaking of flowers, you can send some over using Teleflora's app, which lets you generate quirky messages and add digital balloons and candy if you're feeling especially distant. (The price listed on the image kinda guilts you into buying the real thing, though, but at least you get a discount.)

BONUS: Kayak


When you just can't stand the distance anymore and need to impulsively skip town to be together, Kayak's app will do the hard work for you. Search all the travel websites for the best prices on air and car, so you'll have cash left over to actually go on a date for once.

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