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7 Money-Saving Apps That Will Make You Less Broke

Keep your bank account happy with these downloads.

Money is the talk of the town in this week's "Girl Code" episode, which airs tonight at 11/10c on MTV. Naturally, we've all had moments where we felt like Michelle Tanner in this scene...

Thanks to technology, though, there are plenty of apps that can make your money struggz a little bit easier. Here are a few of our favorite money-saving apps -- all free to download, obviously -- that will keep your wallet and bank account full.

1. Poshmark, so you can sell all those clothes/shoes/jewelry items you never wear anymore

Available on iOS and Android

This app serves two purposes: Selling and shopping. When you're tired of wearing last season's statement necklace, you simply post your asking price and photos of the item. When someone (hopefully) buys it, you keep 80% of the profit. Then you have some petty cash to purchase other people's gently used designer brands at steep discounts. The app gives you all the thrill of thrift shopping without spending hours and hours combing through clothing racks.

2. RetailMeNot, so you always know which stores are having a sale

Available on desktop, iOS and Android

Before you buy anything online or in-store, check RetailMeNot for coupon or promotional codes. Both the app and the site often list discounts that aren't publicly advertised by the store. If you download the app, you'll get reminders when deals are about to expire. There's no coupon printing required -- just show the cashier your phone at checkout to get the savings.

3. Key Ring, so you don't lose your frequent shopper and discount cards

Available on iOS and Android

You probably have rewards cards to your favorite stores somewhere, but you can never seem to find them when you're headed to the mall. Instead of losing out on potential discounts, use Key Ring. When you get a new discount card, the app scans its bar code. The next time you make an impromptu Sephora splurge, just show the cashier your phone to get credit for the reward points.

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4. GasBuddy, so you throw away less $$$ on gas

Available on desktop, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry

The GasBuddy app makes it easy to find the cheapest gas available near your location. Though let's be real here -- even with the help of this app, the gas will probably still be absurdly expensive. But at least it will be less expensive than everywhere else you may have gone.

5. RedLaser, so you always get the best deal

Available on desktop, iOS, Android and Windows Phone

You have no excuse not to comparison shop with this handy app. When you're looking for a specific item, RedLaser will tell you where it's the cheapest. You'll never overpay for anything -- except maybe gas, see #4 -- again.

6. Checkout 51, so you get cash back for food you needed to buy anyway

Available on desktop, iOS and Android

Checkout 51 gives you cash back -- a couple cents, a dollar here and there -- whenever you purchase groceries listed on the app. You go shopping at whatever grocery store you want to, then upload the receipt to the app in order to verify the purchases. The small cash amounts may not seem like much at first, but they add up quickly.

7. Wi-Fi Finder, so you can "borrow" other people's internet

Available on iOS and Android

This one's self-explanatory. The app spits out a map of all the free Wi-Fi locations nearby, which is hugely helpful when it's the end of the month and you don't wanna get charged for going over your phone's data usage limit. Use it wisely.

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