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Nick Jonas Isn’t ‘Afraid’ To Make ‘Bold Statements’ About His Family On Upcoming Album

Nick isn't making music with Joe and Kevin but he's singing about his bros on his upcoming album.

It's hard to believe its nearly been a year since the Jonas Brothers decided to call it quits.

A lot has happened since they put down their "Pom Poms," Kevin had a baby, Joe got controversial and Nick got back in the studio to ready his much-anticipated self-titled album.

And while some of us (myself included) may still be wiping away the tears over the split, we may get an inside glimpse at what went wrong on Nick's upcoming album.

"I think family is a big topic and the growth there and the changes that have happened in my life," Nick told MTV News in New York recently about what topics he delves into on this album.

Nick, who told us he was also influenced by his upcoming TV show "Kingdom," will be making "really bold statements" on the album, which is evident in his new single, "Jealous."

But that's not all: Nick's also letting down his guard and admitted he's not "afraid" to say certain things on these songs.

"I think it's just about opening up about things that maybe would have made me uncomfortable in the past, and my family situation has changed so much over the last year and a half -- just closing one chapter and opening new ones -- that it's taken time to sort of figure that out," he explained. "Being willing to talk about that I think has been good for me."

Nick said the song about his family situation on the album is titled "Nothing Would Be Better," and while you may pick up clues about why the breakup went down, the pop star tried to keep it a bit "vague."

"I try to keep it vague enough so that it can be relatable and something a lot of people can connect to, but still specific," he said. "And my story is pretty specific so I had to find a way to make it something a lot of people could connect to."

And while Nick is "really looking forward" to the fans hearing the song, there are a few people in particular that already had a listen and have given it their seal of approval.

"I played the music for my brothers and my family and they love it," Nick said.