Is James Franco ‘Team Bieber’ Or ‘Team Bloom’? See What Other Celebs Are Saying

This mess has everyone talking.

The celebrity world erupted on Wednesday when news broke that Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom almost got into a fight when the actor threw a (missed) punch at the pop star at an Ibiza restaurant.

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And while we’re fairly sure the whole debacle has something to do with Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, many have been taking sides in the fight — even fellow celebrities.

Here are the people who have something to say about the fiasco:

James Franco
On “The Colbert Report” Wednesday night, Franco admitted he was Team Bloom.
Watch it here.

Stephen Colbert
Meanwhile, Colbert had his own words for the melee.

Drake Bell
After posting a photo of Looney Tunes characters Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier and calling them Justin Bieber and his bodyguard, Bieber’s longtime enemy deleted the tweets and put up this one.

Stephen Amell
The “Arrow” actor said it was better that the punch didn’t connect.

Joshua Malina
The “West Wing” actor likened the fight to a boxing match… a very tiny one.

Candice Accola
The “Vampire Diaries” actress was obviously Team Bloom too.

Mara Wilson
“Mrs. Doubtfire” child actor Wilson got a few laughs in, but then got serious.

Alyssa Milano
Guess whose side the “Charmed” actress is on?

Jimmy Fallon
The “Late Night” host opened his show with an Orlando joke.

Dax Shepard And Shay Mitchell
The two stars reenacted the fight on “The Soup.”

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Justin Bieber
As for Justin, he only had one thing to say, and a picture is worth a thousand words.

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