Where Does Orlando Bloom’s Bieber Fight Rank In His Movie Brawls?

Bloom goes the dynamite.

Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber got in a fight. It was not Bloom’s first fight. In fact, it was just one of many in a long, long list of Bloom battles.

Usually he’s equipped with a bow and arrow. Sometimes he has a sword. Even more rarely, he fights on wheels. No matter the weapon of choice, the truth remains: Orlando Bloom is a seasoned pro when it comes time to brawl.

Beliebers beware; you’re in for a scare. Here are the best Orlando Bloom fights, his recent skirmish with Justin included.

9. Will Turner versus Captain Jack Sparrow: Round One

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Not exactly stiff competition; drunk Jack isn’t exactly the toughest competitor.

8. Will Turner versus Jack Sparrow: Round Two

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Now with added enemies, and on wheels!

7. Balian versus Guy de Lusignan

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Never let it be said that Mr. Bloom doesn’t show mercy.

6. Legolas versus Bolg

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Kicking butt and taking names all over Laketown.

5. Legolas and Tauriel versus All of the Orcs

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Now with added Evangeline Lilly!

4. Legolas versus Gimli

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A battle that never ends.

3. Really, Legolas versus Everyone

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It’s all incredible.

2. Bloom versus Bieber

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Really, it’s hard to top this one…

1. Bloom versus Brad Pitt

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…hard, but not impossible.

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