Drake Bell Sets Off Twitter Feud With 'Talentless' Justin Bieber

The former 'Drake & Josh' star claims Lil Za took the 'coke wrap' for Bieber after police raided his home amid the egging scandal.

It's pretty clear that Justin Bieber does not have a fan in Drake Bell.

The former "Drake & Josh" star took to Twitter on Wednesday to share with his nearly 3 million Twitter followers his thoughts on Bieber's alleged egging of his neighbor's house. The incident led to the raid of the singer's Los Angeles mansion to look for evidence, which subsequently resulted in the arrest of his friend, rapper Lil Za, for felony drug possession.

Bieber was not placed under arrest in the event. However, Bell came to his own conclusions, suggesting Lil Za was covering for Bieber. The young rapper was allegedly in possession of Molly and not cocaine as originally reported, according to TMZ.

"Hey @justinbieber how much are you paying Lil Za to take the coke wrap for ya? Be a man and take responsibility. Learn to be an ADULT!" he tweeted, later deleting his tweets, according to E! News. "@justinbieber instead of egging speeding around your neighborhood and defacing property like a little sh-- you should practice your guitar!!"

Bell, who has sparked Twitter feuds with Bieber in the past, was just getting started, as he later posted a photo of Bieber spray-painting a wall, saying "his art is almost as bad as his music."

Shortly after, Beliebers, along with Justin's close friend Milk Tyson, came to the singer's defense.

"Blah blah blah I don't talk tough on twitter @DrakeBell & I do love my brother," @milktyson tweeted. "that's why 1 day you'll answer for your bully sh--."

However, Bell wasn't the only one to voice his opinion on the egging incident, "Supernatural" star Jared Padalecki took to Twitter earlier this week to get in on the action as well, also making the assumption that Lil Za may have taken the rap for Bieber.

"Hey @justinbieber, how much are you paying your friend for pretending that it was HIS cocaine, and taking the fall for you?," @jarpad tweeted.

Not surprisingly, Bielebers were soon to comment on Padalecki's tweet, even threatening to not watch his hit CW show.

Bieber has not responded to either Bell or Padalecki's comments.