Need To Know: Iggy Azalea's Mom Covers One Of Her Songs...Kinda

Azalea, Azealia and other newsmakers in today's #NeedToKnow.

With additional writing by Janelle Myers

She's Quite 'Fancy' Too

Iggy Azalea's mother opted for T.I.'s lines rather than her daughter's when she lip-synched to "No Mediocre." The video that the "Fancy" rapper posted is TOO good! Maybe her mom should take a shot at a lip-sync battle with Jimmy Fallon? Here's the actual music video for the song that debuted yesterday.

Azealia Banks Said What?

Rapper T.I. kept it respectful when responding to a less-than-kind tweet Azealia Banks wrote about his wife, which she then deleted just a few minutes after posting it. See what her tweet was and what Tip said exactly in our interview with him.

Let's Hear Their Opinion On Zendaya

Aaliyah's family commented on the casting of Zendaya as the late R&B star and requested that everyone be "respectful to the artist playing the role, for they may not fully have or know the details about this role and her family’s involvement." This comes after some fans of Aaliyah took to Twitter to express either their dismay or outrage to the Disney actress being given the part.

'Scooby Dooby Doo, Where Are You?'

Another "Scooby-Doo" film reportedly is in the works, and Warner Brothers is starting from a clean slate for the project. There is no director or cast behind it yet.

The Must-See Video Of The Day

In this hilarious (and sassy) "Gay of Thrones" recap, hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness explains the finale in a way we can all understand: using pop culture references. Ayra is nicknamed Baby Kristen Stewart, the Spice Girls finally find the tree from "Big Fish", and George R.R. Martin himself appears at the end a la "The Princess Bride."

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