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T.I. And Iggy Azalea Go To Brazil For The 'No Mediocre' Video: Watch The Online Premiere

There's nothing mediocre about this.

T.I. has a list of demands on his new single "No Mediocre," but ladies, the Grand Hustle CEO insists that the the record is as much about uplifting you as it is about his wants and needs.

On Tuesday (June 17), MTV digitally premiered Tip's new vid, which also stars Iggy Azalea and was directed by Director X.

"For me I think it was something to uplift women," T.I. told MTV News today, just hours ahead of the premiere. "It's a get-your-sh---together-type of-record."

Tip starts the single off with a declaration: "All I want is bad chicas, I don't want no mediocre." So it's only fitting that he went above and beyond for the track's music video, as well.

To properly express his sentiment for the video T.I., traveled to Rio De Janeiro and recruited a team of Brazilian beauties -- and, of course, the statuesque Azalea, who also spits a verse.

On the track, the "Rubber Band Man" spitter raps about the importance of women getting their hair done and maintaining a certain standard of beauty. It all comes off as a bit superficial, but T.I. maintains that he is looking to do something more.

"It's denouncing mediocrity, man; all things sub-standard or below average or even moderately average should be set aside, man, and I think it starts internally," he explained eloquently. "You must first have confidence and security within yourself, it goes from the heart, to the mind and then it is conveyed through your actions and your presentation of yourself."

Tip says that guys don't just look at physical attributes, but "social qualities," as well, and deep down his new record is about being your best self. "Every person knows what their strengths are, so showcase your strengths and not your weaknesses so much," he said.