YouTube/Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox Turns A Salon Into A Seductive Runway In 'Bussit'

The styling here is top notch

Ari Lennox's new video for "Bussit" is about feeling dolled-up and sexy enough to take over the entire world. The fun starts in a salon and ends surrounded by friends, eager to head out and into the city where each person will steal the hearts of every person that looks their way. From Revenge Of The Dreamers 3: Director's Cut that dropped last year, "Bussit"'s video is sensual, moisturized fun that involves an extremely nice-looking salon.

Lennox's hair and nail salon has to be the nicest place in any town that you've ever been in. Fresh flowers and bold interior design let you know that she has the best tastes in all of the land. Instead of crunching numbers or working on someone's hair, she's wearing the furriest pink coat that you'll ever see as she sits in her chair and sings the seductive tune. Some surrounding friends join her and roll their bodies in unison.

Switching scenes, Lennox joins a large group of ladies in another room for the second verse. Everyone's wearing shimmering dresses as they have some fun while flapping fluffy fans back and forth in the air. They continue to vibe as a collective as the beat melts into cool water. It's a cheery scene that'll make you want to hit the salon, or barbershop, when everything goes back to normal. Hopefully, that's soon.

Last month, Lennox shared the Shea Butter Baby Remix EP that features a new version of "BMO" with Doja Cat rapidly rapping her ass off. The project also has new versions of "I Been" with Smino and "Facetime" with singer Durand Bernarr. She dropped the original LP in 2019.

Lennox recently revealed to Ebro Darden and Zane Lowe of Apple Music that she's been in the lab cooking something musical up during the global coronavirus pandemic. "With everything that's happening, we want to put music out," she said. "I don't know, I want to give a little happiness to the world."

Take a look at Lennox's dreamy new video for "Bussit" up above.