Red Skull Madness: Should The Challenge Have Instituted Its Elimination Twist?

Find out what some notorious veterans think

There have been Black Skulls and Devin White Skulls -- but now there are Red Skulls on The Challenge. And rookie Jay is the only competitor on Season 35 to have this highly coveted cranium.

During tonight's Total Madness premiere, host TJ Lavin gave a speech directed at the Survivor alum, who had just defeated his fellow newbie Asaf in "Air Strike" and the rest of the 26 men and women. In short: He's "done with people skating by and going under the radar." The solution: The only road to a final is to win in Purgatory (this season's win-or-go-home environment) and get a Red Skull.

Obviously, Jay was elated -- and reigning victor Jordan was ready for "people to put their money where your mouth is." But looking back, what were some of the game's most familiar faces thinking? And did they support the radical new component of the game? First, the three-time champ's bride.

"I was so happy," Tori told MTV News. "Last season, I had to go into two eliminations, [and] Jordan had to go into two eliminations. And so many people went to the [War of the Worlds 2] final, and ended up winning the final, and they never had to go into an elimination."

Correct -- 3/4 of Team UK.

Johnny Bananas, who has the most Challenge championships (but has not won since Rivals 3), echoed Tori's point about Season 34.

"I see an elimination every season, if not multiple eliminations," the six-time gold medalist said. "So, for me, it's like I'm going to see one anyway, so why not? But then you've got other people who are very good at staying out of eliminations. And when TJ made that announcement, the people who were the most upset by it are the ones who I think are the most used to getting a free ride."

He added: "I have been to finals where I did not face an elimination, and there was something about that that just didn't sit right."

And even though Cory and Bananas have not always seen eye-to-eye, they do agree on this development.

"I loved it. This feels like a game where I can finally win," the Battle of the Bloodlines and Dirty XXX finalist said. "I’m usually always against the numbers, and usually I’m getting thrown into an elimination. Every season, I have been in an elimination. So for me, it was like, ‘Cool.’ I was bound to go in at some point anyways, so let’s rock."

So do you agree with TJ's the twist and the trio's positive takes? Or should there be no Red Skulls up for grabs? Sound off, then keep watching The Challenge: Total Madness on Wednesdays at 8/7c.