Could Luck Lead Devin And Cheyenne To The Rivals III Finals?

They haven’t yet won a challenge, but they haven’t finished at the bottom of the pack either

Lady Luck has taken the shape of two former Are You The One? contestants on Rivals III.

Though Devin and Cheyenne got off to a rough start on this Challenge season (remember: they were technically the show’s first eliminated team before being invited back), they’ve since managed to squeak out of Jungle matchups like a pair of MTV-sanctioned Houdinis. Though they’ve routinely been nominated into elimination rounds -- five, to be exact -- they have a knack for pulling the safety-ensuring White Skulls and sticking around. And while they haven’t yet won a mission, they haven’t yet come in last place either.

The question is: Can luck lead them to the finals?

Tonight is an indication that it could definitely happen. With only five teams remaining -- four of which will travel to the game’s final leg in Argentina -- the game’s newbies have found support in Wes and Nany. And while they might seem like an easy team to take out at the eleventh hour, there’s no denying they’ve got staying power.

And that, in itself, has some of the game’s veterans a little unsettled.

“Devin’s like a turd that won’t flush,” Johnny Bananas lamented. “No matter how many times we send this guy in, he continues to pull the White Skull.”

And while Devin and Cheyenne are surrounded by Titans, Challenge history has proven luck can do competitors great favors. It was only a couple of seasons ago on Free Agents that Johnny Reilly survived The Draw multiple times, only to find himself the game’s eventual second-place winner by a technicality -- he was actually the first to cross the finish line.

Whaddya think -- could you see Devin and Chey being serious Rivals III finale contenders, or are their days on The Challenge numbered? Share your thoughts, and be sure to see if they last to Argentina next Wednesday at 10/9c!