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Harry Styles's New Joni Mitchell Cover Is An Eco-Conscious Anthem

His rendition of 'Big Yellow Taxi' is everything

Harry Styles is back, so soon after releasing Fine Linewith an awesome cover of legendary singer Joni Mitchell's 1970 tune, "Big Yellow Taxi." He performed it today (February 14) on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2. It's as if to say that his valentine this year is our planet.

Requesting access to stan even harder.

Look around you. If you don't' see pavement, look out of the nearest window. Smell the smog in the air. Our planet's crying out for our help, and we have to answer it — soon. Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" said something similar when it was released five decades ago. The touching guitar-driven number was written when Mitchell made a trip to Hawaii and was alarmed by the juxtaposition of the sea of concrete and beautiful, natural green mountains.

This morning, Styles wisely performed this rendition. With a guitar in hand and surrounded by the show's instrumentalists, Styles etched the painful realization in everyone's mind that we're making the world uglier with each chopped-down tree.

Styles released Fine Line in December and it was the first No. 1 album of 2020. Last month, he hopped on stage with Lizzo at a SiriusXM event in Miami to perform a funked-out duet of "Juice."

Check out Styles's awesome cover up above.