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Megan Thee Stallion Joins Phony Ppl In An Ocean Of Funk On 'Fkn Around'

The crew previewed it last month during Megan's Tiny Desk concert

When Megan Thee Stallion made her Tiny Desk debut last December, she performed hits like "Big Ole Freak" and "Hot Girl Summer" with the help of Brooklyn-based collective Phony Ppl. The group — vocalist Elbee Thrie, drummer Matt Byas, keyboard player Aja Grant, lead guitarist Elijah Rawk, and Bari Bass, who is fittingly in charge of bass guitar — surprised fans when Megan unveiled a collaboration between the two, something exciting because of how different it was than Megan's particular brand of rap: funky, frosty, and seemingly displaced by time.

Almost two months later, that song, "Fkn Around" is out now today (January 31). It's as bold as it was when it was first introduced. And, if possible, it sounds funkier than it did when the world first heard it.

Straight out of 1975, "Fkn Around" is a story about just how far flirting can go. On it, Phony Ppl's Thrie, surrounded by the bright and burning funk world created by the group's instrumentalists, sings a shoulder-grooving story about being hit on by a woman at a nightclub when her boyfriend goes to grab a "chalice" from the bar. Thrie's a little nervous, but he's excited at the same time, captivated by how bold she is.

Megan Thee Stallion, one of rap's boldest new voices, is perfect for the role of this mystery woman. She starts things off by putting her finger to his lips, surprising him, and then letting him know what the deal is. "Don't ask questions if we just sexting / I got situations, no confirmations," she raps. She continues with another sentiment that seemingly breaks the fourth wall. "Everybody wanna know who Megan dating / Well that depends on whatever the day is." Thrie has to be lovestruck at her honesty.

Her triumphant verse continues as she counts how many guys she has wrapped around her fingers. It sounds absolutely spectacular over this nostalgic dance track, with her even getting to break into some melodies to reveal that the reason she keeps a Rolodex of potential suitors is because she's young and just wants to have fun. Isn't that what everyone wants? We never find out if she gets Thrie's number, though. It'd make for an awesome, even groovier sequel.

Megan's debut album, Suga, is on the horizon. Recently, she released one of its tracks, "B.I.T.C.H." that samples Tupac's "Ratha Be Ya N---a." It looks like the Year of the Stallion is upon us.

Check out "Fkn Around" up above.