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From Gucci Trench Coats To Twerking Christmas Gifts: Lizzo's SNL Debut Was Exhilarating

She performed 'Truth Hurts' and 'Good As Hell' and also starred in a skit about being confident in yourself

December 21's episode of Saturday Night Live featured Lizzo's wall-smashing show debut. It was an already legendary show thanks to Eddie Murphy's return to its stage for the first time in over 35 years. The fact that Lizzo entered her performance wearing Gucci from head to toe for two epic performances of "Truth Hurts" and "Good As Hell" was the icing on the cake, cementing the moment as one that felt almost unreal. Lizzo's energy is often described as endless. That was an understatement.

This particular performance of "Truth Hurts" will be all over Pinterest, in Instagram captions as a "mood," and surely the guide to winter fashion looks for the first few months of 2020. She wore a stunning trench coat with Gucci's iconic print as she served full scoops of spice with every note. Her guitarist and backup dancers were equally Guccified, giving everyone a distinct style as they grooved to Lizzo's epic show. The singer even joined in on the routine while managing to shout and strain every last ounce of energy into her vocal runs. She couldn't stop smiling as she finished the show and caught her breath.

"Good As Hell" came later in the night. It was the perfect holiday performance, with Lizzo and her backup dancers – dressed like Christmas gifts – standing in a snow-filled winter wonderland. Lizzo kicked it off with one simple command to the audience: "Be kind to one another, but most importantly, be kind to yourself." Wearing a bedazzling tuxedo, Lizzo belted out her self-confidence anthem surrounded by twerking gifts that slid down candy cane poles. It ended with an awesome dance break that sealed Lizzo's debut as one of the show's most electric.

Lizzo also appeared in one of the night's sketches, in which Aidy Bryant learns the iconic "Truth Hurts" line "I'm 100% that bitch" and becomes a more confident version of herself. "Be aware, I ain't no snack at all," Bryant says to another cast member while licking her lips and rolling her body. "In fact, I'm the whole damn meal." Later, after hallucinating that she's twerking with Lizzo and gives herself the nickname "Bizzo," Bryant sits down with the singer to confirm that, at all times, they feel like they are "100% that bitch." Keep watching as it ends to see a hilarious surprise from Bryant, who channels one of Lizzo's earth-shattering fashion choices.

Check out Lizzo's truly ambitious SNL performances and her sketch appearance up above.