Tinashe's 'Stormy Weather' Video Is A Sepia Fever Dream Of Movement

Let the mesmerizing choreography overtake you

"This shit really cracked me open."

That's how Tinashe described her new album Songs For You in a tweet a few weeks before the album officially dropped in late November. You can hear it in how forward-thinking, raw, and yet completely liberating the album's 15 tracks are, finding Tinashe making grand self pronouncements in style.

It's especially evident on "Stormy Weather," the album's wonderfully idiosyncratic fourth tune that makes an entire galaxy out of sneakily complex percussion and Tinashe's own midnight-purple voice. "Fuck it, gotta go with the feeling," she deadpans midway through, before a creaking guitar solo gives the entire thing an electric glow. In the song's artistic and expertly choreographed new video, which dropped today (December 27), Tinashe doesn't quite glow as much as she completely fills the space around her.

Unlike her lavish "So Much Better" video, which found Tinashe in the throes of excess, "Stormy Weather" strips everything down to a sepia skeleton, focusing on the movement and fluidity of the body.

Tinashe herself leads this, rolling and bending and flexing with four other dancers. As much as she's the center of focus, Tinashe moves either in sync with or in jarring contrast to the crew with her — the whole operation often pulses like a school of fish.

Watch the mesmerizing clip — including its clever Wizard of Oz-style reveal near the end — above (and check it out on MTV Live and mtvU).