(David Wolff - Patrick/Redferns)

Khalid Lies In Bed, Pondering Life, On 'Up All Night'

Growing older, learning how to cope, and thinking about the future have him wide awake

You open your eyes to see pitch black, aside from the sharp red numbers on your clock that let you know it's 3 a.m. After tossing and turning for a few minutes, you realize that you're just up. Contemplating everything that's on your mind, you sit back and look at the window and listen to cars zooming by, your brain muddled with both good and bad memories.

Khalid's "Up All Night" is the soundtrack to a time like this. This wondrously chill new song from the singer is about thought experiences, feelings, and maturity – the three things that keep him awake while everyone slumbers, thinking and wishing.

"Up All Night" sounds like the introductory jam for a soft summer soiree at dusk. Its cheery groove rocks your spirit as Khalid sings about coping with what seems like a heartbreak. "Doesn't even matter anyway, no / Focused and I'm coping with the pain, yeah / We're only getting older by the day, yeah," he carols gently. He continues on the chorus, repeating that these thoughts "keep me up all night." We've all felt this kind of sleep-interrupting stress, so hearing Khalid's gentle exploration of it is instantly relatable.

In September, Khalid played a benefit concert for El Paso, Texas following a mass shooting that occurred in August. In April, he released his second studio album, Free Spirit.

Listen to Khalid's honest new song, "Up All Night," up above.