Hills Timeline: How Brody And Kaitlynn's Now-Broken Marriage Unfolded On New Beginnings

Shortly after he said 'life is great,' the two announced they'd split

Brody and Kaitlynn's marriage was a focal point of The Hills: New Beginnings -- and at the conclusion of tonight's finale, Brody summed up his relationship with a now-telling statement.

"Ultimately, I'm extremely happy with my relationship and my wife, and she gives me tons of freedom to be able to do whatever I want," Brody stated in his last interview. "I have nothing to complain about -- life is great," he concluded, as he stared off to the side and then back to the camera lens with a neutral expression.

And then, in August 2019, the couple issued a joint statement announcing that they had split. It read:

"Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter have decided to amicably separate. They love and respect one another, and know that this is the best decision for their relationship moving forward."

The separation between Brody and Kaitlynn is fresh, and the two were very candid about their relationship throughout the inaugural season of the MTV series. Between the countless discussions to expand their family and the legalities of their marriage, here is a look back at how they chronicled their lives as husband and wife -- and the "ups and downs" (his description) that came with their union:

  • "When you find the right one, you ultimately gotta settle down"

    Brody's initial moments on New Beginnings featured the above words as sweet imagery of him embracing his longtime partner were on display.

  • The initial mention of mini Jenners

    Brody told Spencer and Frankie that Kaitlynn was ready for children, but he was "not in a hurry" to procreate. "I don't not want to have kids -- just not right this second," he stressed to the fathers. "You guys don't have any freedom. Having kids is a massive responsibility, and you both know it."

  • Sleeping in the car

    Brody and Kaitlynn's first televised squabble featured the aftermath of a late night out. "I came home to a psychopath yelling and screaming at me," he exclaimed about snoozing in his vehicle while the two awkwardly ate breakfast.

  • Promises promises (and a divorce mention)

    During a date night, Kaitlynn brought up Brody's declaration of assurance that they would have a baby when she was 30. Brody wasn't ready for a "screeching child," but she insisted crying would "bounce right off" her. From there, Brody opened up like never before about the topic. "I've been seeing a pattern around town of babies complicating things," he admitted. "And then two years later, divorce." Kaitlynn insisted he stop and was "adamant" that splitting up was not an option.

  • A natural disaster

    The Malibu wildfire was a direct threat to Brody and Kaitlynn's home, and he was committed to protecting their residence (even though there was a mandatory evacuation in the area). Ultimately, Brody was able to prevent any major damage; however, several of their sheds, which were used for storage, were lost.

  • Black-tie affair

    Kaitlynn, the co-founder of Foray, hosted a formal gala to help promote her burgeoning business. A tuxedo-clad Brody was a tremendous support and assured his better half that the evening was "incredible."

  • Just what the doctor ordered

    Kaitlynn visited her OB/GYN -- and brought Brody to the appointment. The reason? Kaitlynn wanted him to have the opportunity to ask any questions and also get some feedback about how her age could factor into their familial timeline.

  • A 'gossip' topic

    The rumors were swirling about Brody and Kaitlynn's union -- specifically, that the newlyweds had an "open relationship." Kaitlynn was upset -- and voiced her frustrations to Whitney and Ashley.

  • Lawfully wed?

    Brody and Spencer got their bromance back on track, but the latter questioned whether or not the Jenners were legally married in the United States (Brody and Kaitlynn said "I do" in Southeast Asia). "I don't believe in the whole signing part of this, but everything else, I'm with it," Brody responded. Spencer's reaction? "You could literally walk away at any time -- that's gotta make her feel some type of way." Brody, however, stressed that would "never happen" and they were "of course" married. "In Indonesia," Spencer spat back.

  • "Everybody's kind of a lesbian"

    A brief mention for this statement during a group dinner before Spencer and Heidi's vow renewal.

  • Clarification re: other women

    Kaitlynn put the talk about her sex life to bed (pun intended) and told Ashley that Brody has only slept with other women when she has been involved. "Everything with me and Brody is under my control," Kaitlynn told Ashley point-blank.

  • The Jenners' swan song

    We already know what Brody had to say about Kaitlynn, so this is what she had to say about their bond: "I am very comfortable with me and Brody's relationship," she stated while footage of her cutting a rug rolled. "We're really happy. We feel good with each other, and we just have to accept that other people's opinions aren't what matters. As long as what we're doing is working for us, that's the most important thing."