The Aftermath: How Are The Hills' Brody And Kaitlynn Rebuilding Following The Wildfires?

'It felt like you were in a war zone'

Brody and Kaitlynn got "freakishly lucky" during the recent California wildfires, and during tonight's episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, the couple revisited their home following the "terrifying" ordeal.

"I’ve been through many many fires in Malibu, but this one was definitely the most terrifying," Brody stated. "Pretty much all of Malibu burned. It felt like you were in a war zone."

But the Jenners did not escape the fires unscathed: Several of their sheds, which were used for storage, were lost. But looking back, how have the two been rebuilding what they lost?

"We've been letting the rest of Malibu get their claims in with the insurance companies and city of Malibu and letting us go before us, because everything we lost is very replaceable," Brody recently revealed to MTV News, adding he purchased a few surfboards (his original collection was burned). "There were people that lost everything."

Kaitlynn, who credited her husband with saving their abode because he kept hosing it down in the thick of the fire, explained that the two aren't in a "rush" to rebuild. But she is working to replace holiday items that were destroyed.

"For me, the biggest loss was our Christmas decorations just because I had been collecting those for years. And so this year, we bought a new tree and we restarted collecting," she explained. "That's the one thing that we've really focused on rebuilding, because those are personal, and there are memories associated with each one."

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