Hills 'Gossip': Should The Topic Of Brody And Kaitlynn's Marriage Be Off-Limits?

Some think it's open for discussion, others don't

The Hills group talks (and talks and talks), and Kaitlynn isn't too pleased that a certain topic is at the forefront of a bunch of cast members' conversations.

"I'm hearing people are talking about me and Brody and our personal life, saying that we have an open relationship," Kaitlynn told Whitney and Ashley on tonight's episode during a girls' night at the latter's home.

More specifically, a flashback scene revealed that Brody and Kaitlynn learned that Stephanie was saying the two were in a "polyamorous relationship" (the comment came in the middle of a FaceTime with Kaitlynn's friend Liz). Brody's response? "That's none of her business -- we like what we like."

Kaitlynn revealed that when the two were in the early days of their romance, the lovebirds "were crazy" and "having the time of their lives."

"The level of gossip that I feel like happens in the group, it just makes me angry," she added.

And Whitney agreed with her friend.

"I would not like people talking about my marriage behind my back," she stated. "Especially if I wasn't that close with them."

Ashley, not so much.

"I mean, seriously? Brody's actually the one that said they had an open relationship on a national podcast," Jason's wife expressed in an interview. "Does she really think people aren't going to gossip about that? Of course people are talking about it."

Spencer? Same page as Ashley.

"Oh, it's not a secret," the Pratt Daddy Crystals founder quipped to Justin Bobby.

Regardless, Kaitlynn told the women that "this can't be happening anymore" (aka talking about her union to Brody). However, that unfortunately is not a reality for her -- or her husband. So what do you think? Should the group be discussing the details of the newlyweds? Or should it be off-limits? Tell us your thoughts, then catch The Hills: New Beginnings on Monday at 10/9c.