(Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Taylor Swift And Brendon Urie Brought A Giant Butterfly To The Voice Finale

Urie walked on stage this time and left the Mary Poppins umbrella at home

The Voice wrapped up its 16th season last night (May 21) with 26-year-old singer Maelyn Jarmon being crowned winner. During the finale, Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie gave a magically majestic performance of "ME!" that bought a pastel presence to the masked show. It felt like seeing Easter during the summer, except it was much livelier.

Swift kicked things off by appearing on the stage with gigantic butterfly wings like a majestic, performing fairy. When the pink and purple lights turned on, her wide array of backup dancers began on a magical routine that she joined in on. Urie, instead of floating onto the stage on an umbrella during the pair's first televised performance of the song at the Billboard Music Awards, walked confidently on the stage and immediately hopped into his own shaky-legged routine. The pair, once again, created a spell-binding performance that carries the kind of feel-good energy to make anyone's day or night instantly better.

"ME!" is the first single from her forthcoming seventh studio album. She's notoriously secretive with her album rollouts and revealed that she tried to go "all out" with the visual effects, easter eggs, and symbolism in the song's video. Earlier this month, she revealed that her 2017 album Reputation was largely inspired by Game of Thrones. It'll be interesting to see what this new album will be influenced by.

Take a look at the magical performance of "ME!" up above.