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If You Like Riverdale And Sex And The City, Katy Keene Will Be Your New Obsession

Katy takes Manhattan

"For a city that never sleeps, New York has a lot of dreamers."

Katy Keene is coming, and The CW is about to get a lot more fashionable. The first teaser for the upcoming Riverdale spin-off is here, and it's looking like a heaping helping of drama-rama...with lots of pizazz.

The short teaser introduces us to the four core characters we'll be spending time with on a regular basis. It's short but sweet, but we get a quick look at Katy Keene herself (Lucy Hale), Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray), Jorge/Ginger Lopez (Jonny Beauchamp), and Pepper Smith (Julia Chan).

The four strut confidently into what looks like a high-end department store clad in glittering, sequined dresses. They're here to take on the world, or at least New York City. It looks like a much less dark and brooding affair than Riverdale, instead giving us major Sex and the City or even Gossip Girl vibes.

The show has been billed as a musical dramedy is set to follow Katy, a "future fashion legend," as she and her friends work to make their dreams come true in the Big Apple. Keene is a college student, while Jorge/Ginger has a successful career in drag. Meanwhile, of course our fave Josie McCoy is pursuing a solo music endeavor post-Josie and the Pussycats, and Pepper is spending her time being a popular "it girl."

The CW

Unfortunately, despite releasing a sweet poster with a massive close-up of Katy and a teaser, The CW has yet to offer a date for when we can expect to see the show on the small screen. The best we can do for now is "coming soon." Lame, but at least that's something!

We can't wait to see what kind of things Katy and her squad get up to, so it can't head to TV soon enough.