Are Double Dates In Cheyenne And Cory's Future On Teen Mom OG?

Ryder's parents + their new significant others = ?

Cheyenne and Cory's end-of-season Teen Mom OG hookup is in the rear view mirror -- Chey has a "new bae" named Matt who she met through mutual friends (he lives in Baltimore but visits frequently), while Cory has rekindled his relationship with Ex on the Beach co-star Taylor. But will the two couples actually hang out together?

During this week's episode, Cory and Cheyenne discussed the latter's new love interest -- even though she wasn't exactly up for it.

"This is actually none of your business," she told Ryder's dad, while resisting details about where her beau resides.

Cory saw things differently and believed he had a right to know this information -- and Cheyenne quickly assured Cory that he would like Matt. Chey flipped the conversation back to Taylor (Cory said they're "good"), which prompted Cory's request that the two women meet up so that Taylor can see her boyfriend's daughter (the two had previously discussed Cheyenne's hesitation to have Taylor around her little girl). Cheyenne was open to Cory's plan -- and then proposed another idea.

"We can go on a double date!" she enthusiastically declared.

Cory's response? "Whoa. Can you imagine how weird that would be?"

Do you think the foursome will spend some time together -- or will Cheyenne, Matt, Cory and Taylor continue to socialize separately? Is Chey's idea a good one -- or a not-so-great one? Give your take, then keep watching Cheyenne and Cory (and maybe their partners!) every Monday at 9/8c.