Post-Hookup Proceedings: What’s Next For Teen Mom OG's Cory And Cheyenne?

Ryder’s parents sealed the deal after a season of will-they-won't-they

Cheyenne and Cory celebrated the latter's one-year anniversary of fatherhood with a bang on the Teen Mom OG season finale -- figuratively and literally.

How'd it happen? The two went out on a dinner date of sorts, and Chey told her baby daddy she was “starting to have feelings for him.” But, despite their mutual flirtation all season long, he told her he wasn’t ready for anything serious.

“You telling me you have feelings for me is kind of like a yield sign for me,” Cory said. “I’m not ready for that yet.”

Later, Chey got emotional at a family Halloween party she threw in Cory’s honor when she reflected on the past year, essentially saying Cory was not only there for Ryder but there for her too during the toughest time of her life, especially after she learned of their daughter’s rare genetic disorder.

“It was like you brought me out of one of the darkest places that I’ve ever been during what should’ve been one of the happiest times in my life,” she cried during her speech. "You’re so active and you’re so good to Ryder, and a lot of the time you think you’re just doing this for her, but I don’t think you realize how much you help me.”

And then it happened. The next morning, Chey told a friend that she spent the night at Cory's and they slept together for the first time since the night Ryder was conceived. Naturally, Chey was confused and unsure of what this meant for them moving forward.

“I don’t want this to turn into, what, we’re just having sex? And then what?” she pondered. “It’s like we’re in a freaking relationship, [but] we just don’t want to admit that we’re in a relationship. Now it’s like, we did the physical part...I just don’t know what to do now.”

What do you think comes next for Ryder’s parents? Will they continue co-parenting as is and pretend nothing happened, or will they give their romantic relationship a shot? And what do you think they should do? Vote below, then see what unfolds on Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion Monday at 9/8c.