Teen Mom 2 Legalities: Should Chelsea Stop Adam's Parents From Seeing Aubree?

It could put the mother of three in contempt of court

Chelsea doesn't break the rules when it comes to the care of her daughter Aubree, but after Adam's parents violated their custody agreement again, the mother of three is considering doing so.

On this week’s Teen Mom 2, Chelsea found out that the Linds allowed their son to be present during their weekend with Aubree -- even after he bailed on their scheduled meeting (a clear violation of their arrangement). And this week, the mom of three wanted to show Adam's mom Donna she meant business, so she told her via text they were contemplating “taking a break” from their scheduled visits until they figured things out.

The only problem? Chelsea’s lawyer told her that halting the visits would technically put her in contempt of court.

“I don’t like to break rules, but technically, me not letting [Aubree] go there is in contempt of court… but [Adam] would have to bring me to court, not his parents,” she told Papa Randy. “But they have been in contempt every time they let [Adam] see her! My lawyer said I need to come in and see our options.”

So should Chelsea follow through and not let Aubree see her grandparents for the time being, or should she just let it go to prevent more drama (and potential legal drama) with Adam’s fam? Share your thoughts, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.