'I'm Just Disappointed': Will Teen Mom 2's Adam Continue To Let Aubree Down?

On this week's episode, he bailed on their very first father/daughter meeting at the visitation center

Aubree is maturing before our eyes on Teen Mom 2, and it's not just because she's about to become a big sister again. On the show's season premiere, Chelsea's daughter had a very adult response to her dad Adam flaking on their scheduled meet-up at the visitation center.

The situation unfolded after Adam had scheduled his first visit -- but after Chelsea drove 40 minutes with Aubree (and Watson), she got a call that he was a no-show and the visit was cancelled. When Chelsea broke the news to Aubree, she was upset but showed that she's wise beyond her years.

“Yeah, we just drove over here for nothing, I guess,” she said when her mom asked if she was okay. “I’m still surprised he did not show up.”

The mother-daughter pair then discussed it further over ice cream (perfect activity suggestion, courtesy of Chelsea).

“When they called you, I was like, 'Uh oh, I know,'” Aubs said. “'Cause he never does anything. I heard them say that there’s no dad. I know Cole would’ve shown up if we had to do that. We wouldn’t have to do that, but I know he would.”

So what’s next? The ladies will soon find out if Aubree and Adam’s second visit will go on as scheduled, but if Adam didn’t pay the deposit for the visits, they’re cancelled entirely.

“I’m just disappointed,” the eight-year-old said.

What do you think of Aubree’s reaction to her dad missing their visit? And do you think he’ll make it up to her, or will this pattern continue? Tell us your thoughts, and keep watching Teen Mom 2.