Siesta Key Sneak Peek: Why Are Juliette And Chloe Clashing?

So much for working on their friendship

Note to everyone in Siesta Key: Chloe and Juliette are "not friends."

In a sneak peek of the show's upcoming two-hour premiere (airing on Tuesday), the ladies prove they're light years away from that time they vowed to "mend things." So what spawned this bout of bickering? The new gal in town, Cara.

"Cara, c'mon. What do I have to do to get you to go away?" Queen bee Juliette declares in the clip above as she charges toward Alex's ex-girlfriend.

Enter Chloe.

"She's not going anywhere," the Snapchat wizard, who's standing right next to Cara, firmly says. "She's here with me."

But that's only the beginning (a highlight is the King of Siesta asking, "Can I get a beer?"). What other jabs are exchanged -- and how does Kelsey get involved in the spat? Watch the clip to find out -- and do not miss the ordeal in its entirety during the two-hours premiere of Siesta Key on Tuesday beginning at 9/8c!