Siesta Key Poll: Can Chloe And Juliette's Fractured Friendship Be Mended?

On this week's episode, the two actually hugged it out

While one Siesta Key relationship was falling apart at the seams (here's looking at you, Bradisson), another appears to be on the mend.

Ever since that crazy catfight on Chloe's birthday (you know the one), Juliette has basically been on the outs with everyone -- except for Alex, of course. And maybe Hannah, if you want to get technical.

But as we saw on Monday night's episode, Jules was on a mission to get her girlfriends Chloe back. You see, everyone and their mother had a negative opinion about Juliette rekindling her romance with Alex for the 57th time, despite the fact the Siesta Key playboy actually seemed "100 percent committed."

That certainly included Chloe, who had a slew of not-so-nice things to say about the FSU student. (You might recall the blonde bartender going all Mean Girls with Kelsey and Madisson, and yes, we're going to quote her: "Alex and Juliette honestly deserve each other.")

Fast forward to the Halloween party, where Juliette found herself nervous to go to the bash with Alex in their matching Tarzan-and-Jane getups.

"It's gonna be weird seeing Chloe. She kind of ditched me and wasn't a good friend. I feel like it has to do with the fact that I'm with Alex right now,"Captain Obvious Juliette said.

Meanwhile, Chloe was still pissed that Jules hit Kelsey and cheated on Garrett, all in the same night at her birthday party... which is kind of why we didn't expect to see the two totally hug it out:

After Juliette apologized for her appalling behavior, the girls opened the lines of communication: While Jules was upset over Chloe talking s**t, C admitted she felt a little left behind when her friend went back to school.

While that certainly sounds fair, everyone knows that where there's an Alex, there's often an issue. So do you think these gal pals stand a chance? Take our poll, comment with your thoughts, and catch an all-new episode Monday at 10/9c.