6 Reasons Codi May Stand A Chance With Candace On MTV Floribama Shore

That package though

It's no secret that Codi has some feelings for Candace -- and now that she's broken free of GatorJay231SouthsideGawd, it's possible that the popped collar-rockin' heartthrob has a chance.

After his parents paid a visit to the MTV Floribama Shore crew during tonight's episode, Mr. Butts wasted no time cutting to the chase over a few cocktails.

"So you think you'll hook up with Codi?" he asked Candace. "If Codi asked you out, you would be willing to go?"

Cue Candace's response following the longest, most awkward pause in the history of ever: "Codi asked me on a date, and at the time, I was in a relationship, so I told him, 'No.' It wasn't because I wouldn't go out with him. It was because I was in a relationship."

Iiiiinteresting. So you're sayin' there's chance. We say there certainly is, and here's why:

  1. He's got moves

    We all know that Candace can grind... but so can Codi. He'll never pass up an excuse to show off his mad twerking skills -- in his trademark American flag Speedo, no less.

  2. His, um, stuff is 'big as hell'

    After Nilsa confessed that she snuck a peek at Codi's wiener when he was in the shower, Candace was quick to confirm that his family jewels are as "big as hell."

  3. He's always on a quest for self-improvement

    Codi is often seen trying to make himself better -- he's already lost seven pounds by going to the gym with Gus and Jeremiah.

  4. He's got a sensitive side

    He may be a notorious pot-stirrer, but we'll never forget the time Codi was literally the first to comfort Jeremiah (yes, his nemesis) after his grandpa died.

  5. He treats his mom like a queen

    Codi is so sweet to his mom, and any guy who treats his mom like royalty is a keeper. "I'm wrapping this 18-pack of beer up for my mother," he said of his thoughtful gift for the Butts matriarch. "This is the best Mother's Day present ever."

  6. He's up for anything

    Not only will he rock an eagle on his ass at the pool, but he'll challenge you to a streaking race through the house for no real reason at all, as he did with Nilsa.

Think Codi's got a solid shot? Sound off with your thoughts, then find out what happens between Candace and Codi next Thursday on Floribama Shore at 9/8c.