Did Jeremiah And Codi Finally Have A Floribama Breakthrough?

A sad loss may have given the fellas some common ground

No amount of bad blood could keep Codi from being there for his MTV Floribama Shore frenemy roommate in a time of need.

When Jeremiah found out that his beloved grandfather had passed away on tonight's episode, one particular person was first to lend an ear to the Jacksonville native. And yes, we're talking about Codi -- the same Codi who called J "the fakest mother f*cker in the house" just days before.

Some history about the Southerners: The duo's beef stems all the way back to last summer when Codi spilled the beans about an innocent little bet-gone-bad to one of Nilsa's friends.

"I feel like he was involved in a lot of shady sh*t, to say the least," Jeremiah said of the notorious pot-stirrer. "I don't surround myself with people like that. When you hang around with people that are messy and rude, you [become] that person. And that's why I'm keeping Codi at a distance."

Upon discovering that Jeremiah unfollowed him on Instagram after last summer, Codi was quick to call him out.

"You're fake as hell and shady as f*ck," Codi spat, shortly after arriving to the shore house. "You act like you're f*cking better than everybody else, and you're not."

But Jeremiah wasn't fazed. "It's not that I don't like you -- I don't like the stupid sh*t that you do," he said.

Fast forward to Jeremiah's tragic loss, and any perceived feud between the two appeared to be water under the PCB bridge after Codi didn't hesitate to serve as a shoulder to lean on and then some.

"Jeremiah, I'm here," said Codi, who suffered a similar loss last summer. "If there's anything we can do, don't hesitate. Just let us know."

Could this be the common (albeit sad) ground these two needed in order to resolve their differences? Sound off with your thoughts and sweet condolences, then catch an all-new MTV Floribama Shore Monday at 10/9c.