Floribama Friend Zone: Could Codi Stand A Chance With Candace?

Move over, GatorJay

Codi done fell in love on Floribama Shore... with one of his roommates.

Always quick to shower his female counterparts with a compliment, the South Carolina native has found himself especially smitten with one gal pal in particular: Candace.

While encouraging his curly-haired friend to enter the Miss La Vela Bikini Contest alongside Nilsa, he divulged his innermost desires.

"I'm crushin' on Candace right now," Codi confessed after spotting her in a white one-piece. "I don't know, I might be in love. I done fell in love."

That's when Gus spilled the sweet tea: Codi's feelings for Candace aren't exactly new, regardless of her involvement with one boo thang by the name of GatorJay231SouthsideGawd.

"Boy, you was in love before you saw that," the romance cover model told Codi. "You've gotta be feelin' some type of way right now."

Nerves aside, and despite not having "the breasts and the lips and the booty" that Nilly's got (Candace's words), the Memphis native royally rocked her cowboy hat and American flag swimsuit for the La Vela crowd, earning her a solid second-place runner-up victory. Oh, and Codi loved every second of it... so much so, that he vowed to make his move back at the house.

"Candace, my bed is open" he whispered, in an attempt to maneuver his way out of the friend zone.

While Candace claimed she couldn't take her roommate's flirtatious ways seriously, it didn't stop her from snuggling up to the sunscreen enthusiast.

You got to admit, Codi's American flag Speedo would look mighty nice alongside Candy's patriotic string bikini. And we'd love to see him meet a good girl. But are these two Southerners truly match material -- and does Codi really stand a chance with Candace -- or will they go the way of Nilsa and Gus? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch an all new MTV Floribama Shore Monday at 10/9c.