'We Can Make It Through Anything:' Catelynn And Tyler Head To Couples Therapy On Teen Mom OG

The two have decided it's time to put their marriage first

Catelynn and Tyler haven't rewatched episodes of Teen Mom OG as per the orders of Tyler's psychiatrist, but they're still making strides when it comes to working on their marriage.

On tonight’s installment, Cate went on a quick work trip to New York City, during which she filled out the marriage counseling questionnaire Ty’s therapist recommended. She then returned home to her hubby in Michigan with a brand-new perspective, suggesting they go on an in-patient couples retreat in Arizona to work on their relationship.

So what do they need to discuss?

“Communication and keeping each other accountable,” Tyler said. “Follow through, stick to plans. I’m done with the talk -- I want more of the walk.”

Though Cate said “it’s hard to go back in and open all those old wounds,” she agreed that counseling would be good for them, especially since Tyler told her he was not happy with how things stood in their relationship.

But Cate made a good point: This was just a bump in the road for the two, and they have been through way more difficult situations together.

“For God’s sakes, we were 16 when we gave away our own flesh and blood, and we made it through that sh*t,” she said of placing Carly up for adoption. “I always said, if we can make it through that, we can make it through anything. Something like this shouldn’t break us.”

Do you think a couples retreat will get Catelynn and Tyler back on track? Pretend you're a relationship expert and tell us, then keep watching Teen Mom OG Mondays at 9/8c to see how it all unfolds.